Nutri Analyzer

Nutri Analyzer

Nutri Analyzer

Nutrianalyzer makes it possible for the user to have a quick overview of their food habits, and the detailed evaluation and specifications of the nutrients and micro-nutrients entering their body. Nutrianalyzer is embedded with commendable features that render solution-focused food intake analysis and recipe analysis to the users, integrating user-provided information (such as body weight, body fat content, measurements, body chemistry, detailed recipe information, number of recipe consumers etc.). It delivers a wide variety of prescriptions, informative pop-ups, detailed reports, and even professional eating plans to help its users easily get on the path to better fitness and health.

Some of the key features are also incorporated in the Nutrianalyzer app. They are listed below as follows-

Diet Questionnaire (INPUT) - Feed our own dietary questionnaire, which eventually helps in treatment.

Personal Diet Master (INPUT)

In this module, we can set up our recipes with ingredients quantity.

Diet's Impact Prediction Indicator (TOOL)

Check the level of cause which develops the problem.

Ingredient Analyzer as per RDA (TOOL)

Get the food ingredients and diet details required for strengthening a targeted pathway.

In a nutshell, the features of Nutrianalyzer allows its user-members to carry out a range of tasks as follows:

  • Register and feed their recipe
  • Manage their own diet style
  • Check medicine-diet prediction
  • Check RDA and achieved quantity of Active Constituents/ Nutrient by raw food.
  • Check RDA  and achieved quantity  of  Active Constituents/ Nutrient by cooked food
  • Feed daily intake and lookout the achievement compared with RDA