Remote Monitoring Dashboard

Remote Monitoring Dashboard

Remote Monitoring Dashboard

The Remote Monitoring System for COVID-19 patients gives vital information of each patient viz. heart rate, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and temperature continuously on real time basis.

If there is any abnormal change in any of the vital parameters, the system gives an alarm and shifts the patient information at the top of the screen. Due to continuous data monitoring, it also shows the trend of the abnormality.

In this way the doctor and nurse can know the deterioration or improvement in the patient’s condition in real time and appropriate therapeutic intervention can be decided immediately.

Key Features:

  • Doctors can be stationed away from the COVID-19 ward and view the monitoring dashboard remotely
    on a computer or their phone. They can keep track of every critical patient in real- time whenever
  • Investigation reports are displayed with the abnormal parameters highlighted for quick review.
  • Alerts can be enabled for drug interactions, contraindications and side effects. Doctor can
    make a more informed choice while prescribing the drugs.
  • The system alerts doctor about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) and suggests alternate suitable
    drugs for easy prescription of safer drugs.


  • Lesser exposure of healthcare workers to infectious environment.
  • Better monitoring of critical patients with less manpower.
  • Optimum use of resources such as PPE kits and quarantine facilities for staff on active duty.
  • Easy identification of critical patients requiring urgent care.
  • On time administration of drugs through smart medication reminders.
  • Enabling of remote-consultation with off-campus specialists, which is particularly important for hospitals in rural and remote areas.
  • Analytics and alerts provided by this dashboard will help in reducing the occurrence of medical errors.