Quarantine Pal

Quarantine Pal

Quarantine Pal, from Criterion Tech, is a powerful application developed in the wake of the pandemic, Covid19. It easily tracks and manages the self-quarantine needs of the quarantined, to take guided care of their health needs without the presence of a physical doctor.
Quarantine pal offers the users the automated facility to keep track of their symptoms and vitals while quarantine period and generates guidelines of do’s and don’ts to make health security the first priority.

TheApp provides three major modules:
The Symptom TrackerVitals and the Precaution Guide.

The Symptom tracker:

This feature asks and allows the user to enter their common symptoms on a daily basis, to be chosen from the dropdown list of the app itself.  The app provides search history of symptoms date wise. The intensity of the symptom is also to be reported.

This feature allows the user to upload information regarding the easily measurable vitals such as BP, SpO2, Pulse, temperature and RBS. A chart is automatically generated with these data. This information is saved as vital history, and can be searched by the user anytime.

Precaution Guide:
It is a feature that suggests and guides the users about the DO’S and DON’T’S.

Covid- 19 Instructions:
The app also generates general Covid-19 government instructions to be followed by the quarantined.

Integration with Remote patient Monitoring Dashboard:
The data entered by the quarantined via this app is also immediately displayed on the Remote Patient Monitoring Dashboard given in HIS.

Integration with Pulse Oximeter Machine:
If the quarantined are using any machine, such as i.e. pulse oximeter it can export data on the mobile port, the information can be integrated with the app easily.

Integration with HIS:
Integration with HIS minimizes the need of personal contact, thus instigating the quarantined to stay safely at home. The use of this feature ensures a patients remote monitoring by the doctor thus decreasing the need of any personal contact.

Integration with Digi Doctor:
This application can be completely integrated with Digi Doctor App also. There is no need for any extra registration, since Digi Doctor authentication will work here as well. Any data entered by this app user can be displayed on Digi Doctor, and so there is always a convenience of records.

Quarantine Pal infuses in its users the confidence to take care of their health needs under medical guidelines during the home quarantine phase. Extending good support in the hour of need, it proves to be a useful pal indeed.