About Us

About Us

CRITERION TECH (Pvt) Ltd. is an IT company focused on designing and developing premium digital solutions that the world actually needs. It leads in creation and delivery of high-end products and services that thrive on innovations to serve as a benchmark for the multi-faceted clientele ranging from schools to clinics, and from colleges to hospitals.


We are committed to match up to our customer’s expectations in every possible way. Each of our products and services is designed to achieve a singular goal –Your Success, because it is our success!
With this vision in mind, we believe in facilitating, enhancing and providing measurable business value to our valued customers through the most effective use of technology and resources to organizations globally.


Criterion Tech believes & has set for itself the SMART goal. A goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-based. The end result of our goal is capturing a large part of the market so as to make our business more competitive and with an increased satisfied customer base